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Written, Recorded, and Produced by AMINALS


released December 29, 2014

Thank you to: Ian Van Openjigen, Shane Burns, Chorale Miles, Maraid Kelley, Jordan Mendes, Ricky Sanchez, the Broads boys, Frank Godla, Metal Injection, Mathijsen MacLennan, Heav Blog Is Heavy, Meek is Murder, and so many more!


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aminals Boston, Massachusetts


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Track Name: Bitchcraft
Still can't afford my vices, displaced moral enticements.
I'll keep writing this stupid shit if you come back for more.
Just wishing I was a genius who’s palms read “wrapped in suspense". Well it looks like I've cursed myself.
A divine intervention. Immaculate contractions...I'll keep writing this stupid shit if you'll come back for more.
Realizing this is fake won't count out my mistakes. Well it looks like
I've cursed myself.
The old beautiful world was a joke. There's a barrel beneath your feet, kick it out. You tied the noose around your own neck...cause they
controlled your life don’t give them your death.
Track Name: Ew, She Smells Like Brooklyn
Just let me know that you're okay.
Been hearing rumors, and if I know you I bet they're true.
I still like your outsides, so don't let your insides rot away.
A quick fix of powder, a slow death will echo so much louder
Though it feels amazing, to know I'm the better off of us

All these stupid nervous ticks drive me FUCK-ING-NUTS.
Stupid fucking shit only alcohol can calm.
I miss life I mean I miss my old life I mean I'm FUCKING THRILLED.
(with the way everything is going, cause it’s still going)

I swear I'm only miserable during the day.
My nights are filled with lights that shine right through my sinuses.
I swear I had so much more than I wanted to say.
But fuck it in six months you'll hit me up again, right?

Just so you know I'm doing great.
Got this great apartment, by this time next year I’ll be engaged.
Just so you know I'm doing great.
Got my dream job, and my daddy still pays for everything
Track Name: Rope
Lab rats: what a universal flaw a nod to evolution's glitch.
Stab back: what self-awareness can endure what stupid answers we beg for.
Support: a rash on mother nature's skin, asylum to our natures kin.
Silence: abort your conspiracy just go along with guys like me.

It’s all fucking rubbish, recycle yourself.
It’s all fucking rubbish.
This whole damn project.

This new weight fell on me in the midst of my mid-20s.
Am I good enough for heaven or do they still shun bastards?
Cause I really like to do bad things.
Nostalgic for my misery in lieu of my anxiety.
When I spin the record backwards and I swear I talked to god.
Quit your job and kill yourself, pray your way to useless wealth.

Angels with blue collars pay no mind to us.
Your dad's credit card, my mom’s trailer park.
Focus on music has destroyed my life.
At least I can retire at the age of 85, alright!
I didn't kill myself but I’ve been buying the rope my whole life.

My generation was born into failure a miscarriage promise to be broken down.

I wasn't born to become a statistic oh we were just born to become your statistics.
Track Name: Population Controls
The end will taste as sweet as a beehive.
Check your pulse at the door.
Our own subsidized society wont assign a soul to turn out the light with old counterfeit literature.
A new real estate, more empty homes. we got it under control.
Black water seaside, embrace the tides.
We got it under control.
Populous utopia, new catacombs. we got it under control.

Sing your modern slave hymns.
Breed your lambs we'll bring the slaughter.
Behold the new uncivil war. Where rich will imprison the poor.
Move under white crosses on our fields, semper fi! semper fi!
We'll diagnose your coughs and itch, prescribe terminal medicine
A passion as pure as pollution. the type of cancer we can cure with.

We found a way to save the world without a prophet.
The biggest oppositions the bible, we say burn it.
A new progressive method intended for a profit.
De-fertilize all humans no more kids without a permit.
Consume, take ill.
A greater real estate, more empty homes. we got it under control.
Black water seaside, embrace the tides. we got it under control. Populous utopia, new catacombs. we got it under control.
Let your guard down.
I converted on purpose but just scratched the surface. While I still take for granted all the land that I was handed.
Take yourself out.
Knees wont bleed on this black shag carcass.
Brought back to life before a white pearl coffin.
Pollute your life.
A displaced briefcase wasn’t proving lucrative.
Changing past quotes now you can stick around to turn out the light
we got it under control
Track Name: Dirty Habits
Framed a girl behind closed doors with hands clasped praying that she'll beg for more.
At least for now I’ll tell her that she's happy with my company
An axe to grind my one track mind or who she fucks behind those blinds.
At least for now I think that she'll be happy with the flattery

Her beauty was surreal my hungry eyes host
Cause she was the mural and I was a ghost
Dead flowers in her hair online dead daisies on her fence
But I’ll still die on that train from Boston to providence

And I proceed to cross the line every fucking time
Crawl in a bag of cheap sunshine cause when I'm high I blur lines
cause I'm you and I'm fine.
Lately I've been happy with this lucid sense of being
Cause I don't want to die but everybody loves the dead kid
And when you suck him.. well honestly I just hope it tastes like me
I just want to watch you scratch and claw I just want to watch you fucking crawl.

She spreads her legs like fame, shares her cunt with the big names
I caught her breath one last time as she laughs as a god dame
So fucking crawl
For now I’ll hide in your room where the dark will never find me
With my pint of gin and eight ball of my sires ashes
Racked up bills at your expense now at best… least my shit is spent
At least for now on earth I dwell so die with debt and go to hell.
Track Name: No Dealers
As your flesh decays, they profit off your weakness.
Iraq’s skag is overpriced, introducing: steals!
DIY in Russia is the new high, sorry guys but… bye.
They can defeat their own nation.
Sorry guys don’t try, sorry they’re so high.
Trafficked from the south by tons.
The corner store -can –supp-ly -our –fun.
The party don’t stop til they drop dead.
Haha its fun! The world would be better off a freezing cold war without your skin.
Your psychobabble bullshit is failing.
Just lay back and let them do all the work for you
They learned the recipe, so save on your shipping.
Cause trigger-happy zombies are less threatening
Track Name: War Widows
No I'm not up on zoning laws.
Just paranoia, hacks, and saws.
Been spending a lot of time on these websites lately, got me thinkin' lot about a wife and a baby.
She radiates she does. She radiates just cause.

Sew your mouth shut, your spoken word is no good here, so lend us a deaf ear.
Just keep your fear as insincere. Disguise distractions, shadow our livestock mock exchange.
Sell your house to clearchannel and stay employed at Raytheon.

Tell the judge you're innocent this jury knows you're ignorant this county knows you cent for cent.
I have replaced my heart with an oil pump. You can't build a bomb shelter in the city.

Keep your bomb shelters out of this town.
Track Name: Something Secular
Those of us born with silver spoons and diamonds for eyes invest in plagues to sell you new symptoms.
Spend our Sundays accepting the professionals placebos in pews.
Take it from a guy who vomits up his memories, rot my own teeth while scraping all of my skin off.
Cause I read somewhere that vanity is new mortal sin.
My mask's removed.
I just can’t tell if I’m you or me, since the preacher man exorcized the demons in me.
My mask is remodeled. I just want to be who I used to be.
Used my ribs like ladder rungs and let the doubt climb up me.
My mask is the old
Marooned on an planet forever a child. Holding hands with hospice, losing ties with faith

Don't pick yourself up to extend and break your fall irritability, impatience, infuriation, irritation, in an instant, pat yourself on the back before you stab it leave the debt to nobody, never reproduce,sad sorry sappy solitude through substance.

I just can't starve myself when it comes to the attention of the lord.
I gave the church all my god damned money to scribble new folklore.
On the guts of a dead forest, like a walk to the ocean that never stops.
I gave that god damned damsel all the alimony to keep her meth mouth shut about the waters.

Corrode your humanity with social networking, type your life everything, everything, everything is outside the single bedroom
Grow tired of the smell of depression seeping off your sheets.kiss the devil on the lips, pay a demon o suck your dick talk shit, eat shit, be shit, tuck in your shirt.

Your revolution is a waste of time.
Your uprising is just cracks in the pavement, when you're chalk outlines.
I’ve made a conscious decision to conform, my faith in denial is reborn.
Give me a salary or give me back, distract distract distract distract
My wit has quit, my desires have retired.
With every clawing night
I'll take credit with the meek and sink my teeth into defeat.
Who's gonna save you when you're cradling your own grave?
When the hills fill with damned (and I won't be there)
I’m saved, we're saved.

Shrug, shake, dust that devil off your shoulder.
Track Name: If You Hear Them Sing in a Hospital
I'm sick of the doctor please send back the nurse.
Dress her in habits with beads baring your false god.
I'm praying for penance while praying for loss.
Helpless I'm covered in bed sores and week old sweat.
Take this twice with food and pretend it’s medicine.

In this wing of a hospital where you've seen your mother and she won't stop coughing.
Watched your friends turn into coke heads
Watched your face turn to a cough…and it smells like Manhattan in the summer.
In this wing of a hospital where you spit up I.V. and it looked like wine. You're better off with the wide-eyed and ill, the cattle so civilized.
If it's got soul… then it has to go.
Got sent to the wrong room but I still dream that the white girls from Riker’s will embalmed what’s left of me.

These used needles are so dull.
They’ve got it under control, I still can't see the light
The blood of a dead man still just seeps through my skin.
Do you hear them sing in a hospital?
If you hear them sing in a hospital.
Track Name: Less People
I am the future, carbon versus consciousness.
I’ll be the bible if you will just be my gun
My script is bullshit I stand by your engravement. "a human being something else".
We are the ghetto, crack houses and dirty coke.
I’ll take the cotton, if you will just handle the fangs.
My herd has been counted nightly by starving wolves.
A human being something else.

He said… he'd be back… and still I wait for him…it’s been far too fucking long.
I am the future of crack houses and dirty coke.
I’ll be the wolf, chewing up your bible.
Bring us your guns! Bring us to another life.
As humans being something else.
God told me everything would be okay as long as I pray six times a day
between the lines I read myself as white and privileged.
The sickness is mixed between Hispanic and Latino.
Put them to work!
Ship our poor kids off to die. Just humans being something else.
Stay off of the web, society is lying to you.
Tune into the news, the news casters are so damn pretty.
Go out to the clubs, overdose on MDMA. just let your mind rot somewhere else.
The air is much lighter up here on the soapbox. The water is poisoned with radiation and your blood.
Cause back to back you'll find yourself stabbing. at humans being something else.

Oh... the war is right outside your door.
I chase my whiskey with chloroform beneath no sky but under a storm. Heed this warning the sirens won't sing and tell those bastards that there's a storm coming.

Who will save us now that god is dead?
We saw the ocean turn from blue to blood red. Who will save us now that god is dead?
His own children march forth with his head.
With each step our faith just withers away
We thought the children of god were the first to be saved?
Now we know it’s all downhill from birth so we would rather die than rot into this earth.
We're just humans being something else.
We're just peasants dying to be anything else.

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