Hearing Aids

by aminals

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released September 30, 2008


all rights reserved



aminals Boston, Massachusetts


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Track Name: Doot Dat Doot Dat
That night I was so fucking high I didn't even notice that the house was burning down. Well I have never smoked with a house before so light that shit up. Oh lumber keep me warm tonight, paint! paint! off white paint! off of the walls! Lately I've been sharing my body with a stripper, a strippers body I probably shouldn't be sharing myself with. And in the absence of a lover I find myself fishing in a harbor with my voice as bate. In a dingy with a hole and a busted engine so it looks like I'm sinking to the bottom of the sea. Yeah, I hear theres plenty of fish in the ocean but let me tell you it means nothing when you dont know how to swim. When your wardrobes on your skeletons with fingers on their pulse, life gets kind of boring when receiving mouth to mouth. Light that shit up. Lately I've been too fucking high to focus on my thrash band getting signed.
Track Name: Aminals
This is a reproduction resume sent to all the girls that hate the tactile sense of latex set between their thighs:
I said;
my mouth was dirty, my tongue wants out. She said she'd share hers with me. I cannot imagine what she would do if I told her that my dick was cold. Keep this between the sheets (make hate). So lets keep this heat between the sheets with rosy cheeks and steady beats. (1234ideclareatonsilwar5678whichofusdepreciates?). Cheers to another night of giving up your body, cheers to the aminals cursing through our fucking microphones. Theres so much going on right now, I just can't concentrate on this shit, fuck this bitch on this bed. She looked beautiful for once, and I must have been ever-so charming. I told her I didn't have a place to sleep and it looks like there's more that i'll get. Well she lured me to her bed...oh no, looks like I have a test to take.
Track Name: I Am The Devil
Bring all your hoes to the garden of Sweden
Where there's an orchid for every "love me, love me not" that you've got
Oh my god!
These seraphims are fabricators
They dip their shot glasses in the fountain of youth
Like its a goddamn watering hole
So toss back your books and your fucking cardboard and your "blood" or "wine"
For christ sake
As we sing
"Oh my fucking god!"

We have become a part of you
We are inside of you
We're dancing in your ears
So consider yourself brainwashed
Cause you've got demons singing you to sleep

For those of us who's choir serenades the agnostics and the scientist

I have no heart!
I cannot love!

I'll feed you whiskey and I'll feed you blood
I'll feed you whiskey and I'll feed you blood
I'll feed you whiskey and I'll feed you blood
Oh lord have pity on me
Oh lord have pity on me
Oh lord have pity on me
Oh please fiction have pity on me

My brain is functioning with a new form of love

Love! Love! Love! Love!......

Bring all your hoes to the garden of Sweden
Where the angels can tangle all your love up in knots
Oh my god!
These seraphims are all fools
They kiss the frogs to find out that they turn into locusts

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