The Weird Horror Of Social Relevance

by aminals



released March 9, 2012


all rights reserved



aminals Boston, Massachusetts


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Track Name: Population Controls
the end will taste as sweet as a beehive
check your pulse at the door
our own subsodized society wont assign a soul to turn out the light
with old counterfiet literature
a new real estate, more empty homes. we got it under control
black water seaside, embrace the tides. we got it under control.
populous utopia, new catacombs. we got it under control.
sing your modern slave hymns, breed your lambs we'll bring the slaughter.
behold the new uncivil war, where rich will imprison the poor
move under white crosses on our fields, semper fi! semper fi!
we'll diagnose your coughs and itch, proscribe terminal medicine
a passion as pure as polution, the type of cancer we can cure with.
we found a way to save the world without a prophet
the biggest oppositions the bible, we say burn it
a new progressive method intended for a profit
de-fertilize all humans no more kids without a permit.
consume, take ill.
a greater real estate, more empty homes. we got it under control.
black water seaside, embrace the tides. we got it under control.
populous utopia, new catacombs. we got it under control.
let your gaurd down
a converted on purpose but just scratched the surface
while i still take for granted all the land that i was handed
take your self out
knees wont bleed on this black shag carcus
brought back to life before a white pearl coffin
polute your life
a displaced briefcase wasnt proving lucerative
changing past quotes now you can stick around to turn out the light
we got it under control
Track Name: Something Secular
those of us born with silver spoons and diamonds for eyes
invest in plagues to sell you new symptoms
spend our sundays accepting the professionals placebos in pews
take it from a guy who vomits up his memories
rot my own teeth while scraping all of my skin off
cause i read somewhere that vanity is new mortal sin
my mask's removed
i just cant tell if i'm you or me
since the preacher man exorcized the demons in me
my mask is remodeled
i just want to be who i used to be
used my ribs like ladder rungs and let the doubt climb up me
my mask is the old
marooned on an planet forever a child
my hands are a hospice for decrepit faith
don't pick yourself up to extend and break your fall
irritability, impatience, infuriation, irritation, in an instant
pat yourself on the back before you stab it
leave the debt to nobody, never reproduce
sad sorry sappy solitude through substance
i just can't starve myself when it comes to the attention of the lord
i gave the church all my god damned money to scribble new folklore
on the guts of a dead forest
like a walk to the ocean that never stops
i gave that god damned damsel all the alimony to keep her meth mouth
shut about the waters
corrode your humanity with social networking, type your life
everything, everything, everything is outside the single bedroom
grow tired of the smell of depression seeping off your sheets
kiss the devil on the lips, pay a demon to suck your dick
talk shit, eat shit, be shit, tuck in your shirt
your revolution is a waste of time
your uprising is just cracks in the pavement, when you're chalk outlines
i've made a conscious decision to conform, my faith in denial is reborn
give me a salary or give me back, distract distract distract distract
my wit has quit, my desires have retired.
with every clawing night
i'll take credit with the meek and sink my teeth into defeat.
who's gonna save you when you're cradling your own grave?
when the hills fill with damned (and i won't be there)
i'm saved, we're saved.
shrug, shake, dust that devil off your shoulder

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